How do you clean Timber Date aluminium hot tub?

Wipe it down with a soft cloth. If further cleaning is necessary use 1:1 water and vinegar or a mild soap. Never use abrasive cleaners or scrub the tub. 

How do I heat my Timber Date aluminium hot tub?

Fill your wood burning hot tub with water first, then light the fire. Wait for the water to heat (85-125 minutes depending on ambient temperature and starting temperature of the water). Stop adding wood once the water reaches 32C degrees, the water will come up to desired hot tubbing temperature of 38-39C on its own. The stove lid acts as a damper to control the stoking of the fire / controls airflow to the fire. Maintain its heat by adding a piece of wood every couple hours. When you’re done using the hot tub, just stop adding wood and the temperature will slowly drop on its own as the fire diminishes. Or if you want to keep the temperature high, cover it with the lid and add a piece of wood every few hours.

How long do wood fired hot tubs take to heat?

After filling the tub with cold water it’ll take 85-125 minutes for the Timber Date hot tub to heat. Hot tubbing temperature is 37-39 degrees Celsius depending on preference. Your hot tub will heat more quickly in the summer months when the water and ambient temperature are warmer. Once the water has been heated to hot tubbing temperature, the double insulated Timber Date tub will hold its temperature with just a few small pieces of wood a day, regardless of size. Our firebox is good performant and hold the hot tubs heat better than others on the market due to the way it’s engineered.

What kind of wood should I use in my wood burning hot tub?

Use any dry wood that has good heating properties. Wet wood only smokes and will not heat the water effectively. You’ll waste wood and create unnecessary emissions in the process of trying to burn wet wood. The dryer the better when it comes to fire! Do not burn pressure treated lumber, wood with nails or place anything like magazines or plastics in your wood fired hot tub stove.


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